October 06, 2016

We Heard You: Hike profile map gets upgrades

Even though Trailvoyant just launched on September 15th, we are already hard at work to make it even better.

After listening to our users, it became apparent that two upgrades needed to be made to the maps on hike profile pages.

First, we added a grow/shrink button to the maps that allows users to change the size of the map right on the page for a better look at the trail.

Wasson Peak hike profile map size toggle screenshot

We realize that a good map is invaluable when planning a hike, so now you can have a bigger and better view of your next hike to make sure you know exactly where you need to go.

The second upgrade we made was to add a Terrain/Satellite view toggle to the map on the profile page.

Sometimes satellite imagery can be super helpful to show things that a topographic map does not, and vice versa. Now you can flip between them on any hike profile as you please.

We want to hear from you!

Do you have a suggestion for how we can make Trailvoyant even better? We'd love to hear it. Please use our Contact Form to tell us your thoughts.

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